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Pew pew with the love lasers!

  • throwing gang signs because i love my nails
  • eating dinner late bc i wanna
  • watching old school anthony bourdain so old he’s got an earring
  • tired as fuck but chilled so it’s okay


"I have to leave the discipline to Mom. This one can feel that I’m about to yell at her before I say a word. So she runs up to me, gives me a hug, and starts crying right away. So how can I yell at her? And this one lets me yell at her, but her face turns very dark and resentful, and it’s scary. So what am I supposed to do then? So I let Mom do the yelling. They are very attached to me. Everyone sleeps in the same bed, and they won’t go to sleep unless they are resting their head on my shoulders. Dad’s shoulders only. And it’s hard to sleep. When I’m trying to sleep they, um, sometimes they, um, try to play with my nipples."

(Hanoi, Vietnam)

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Up and atom!

My answer:



If Bernard Black Quotes Were Motivational

My love for this show is deep. @sbs2 #ifyouaretheone #非诚勿扰 #feichengwurao

#tbt tanned babes

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i don’t suffer from anxiety.
but there are times where i constantly worry about things and freak out. 
i’ve had this weird bout of anxiety for the past two/three weeks to the point where i freak out and cry or shake. 
i feel sick, i feel sad and i don’t feel okay. 
it sucks. 

A cross stitch for me!!! I am doing the three original starter pokemon + Pikachu. Started on Pikachu first as I already had the thread for it. 💥⚡💥

at home  today bc of migraine.
spent most of the day sleeping, not eating and cross stitching with sunnies on. 
also i made lockie buy pants on asos and harrassed my cats. 
super productive day huh?

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